KwêBeams is a standalone wireless outdoor early warning system, completely independent of any existing security system. It has been designed to complement the current security systems in place, such as indoor alarm systems, perimeter protection (electric fencing, burglar bars) or surveillance protection.

The Kwêbeam outdoor alarm system is fully functional with one beam & one keypad, however additional beams, keypads, SMS Control units, repeaters and Interface modules can be added to the same alarm system.

Single Beams

Standard KwêBeams Motion Sensor

Anti-Masking KwêBeams Motion Sensor

Starter Kits

2-Beam Starter Kit

4-Beam Starter Kit

4-Beam App Starter Kit

2-Beam App Starter Kit

4-Beam Anti-Masking Starter Kit

2-Beam Anti-Masking Starter Kit


KwêBeams GSM Unit

KwêBeams Wireless Control Unit

KwêBeams Relay Module

KwêBeams Link Module