KwêBeams Wireless Control Unit



KwêBeams Keypad Features

  • Full Control Over KwêBeams Motion Sensors
  • Can Connect Up To 32 KwêBeams Motion Sensors
  • Completely Wireless
  • Runs on 3 AA Batteries
  • Audible Alarm Notification
  • Zone Numbers Used to Display Alarms and Sensor States

Why Get the KwêBeams Keypad?

The Keypad will remain useful, even if for some reason the GSM Unit cannot connect to cellphone towers. You will have a range of up to 350meters to control your KwêBeams motion sensors. The Keypad also allows for a certain zone to be temporarily bypassed, leaving the rest of the property secured, while you are busy within a specific zone.

Sometimes, simpler is better.

About The Wireless Control Unit

The Keypad is used to control the Kwêbeam system. This includes arming and disarming all beams, bypass individual Zones & making programming changes to any Kwêbeam device. The panic button can be used to sound all Beam sirens at the same time.

The Keypad monitors 8 individual zones with the option to assign more than one sensor to the same Zone number. A total of 32 devices can be monitored when 4 sensors share a Zone number. It receives Alarm, Tamper and Low battery signals to give a visual & audible overview of the complete system.

The Wireless Keypad is completely mobile and operates from 3 standard AA alkaline batteries. Multiple keypads are supported on the same system.

Visual & audible alarm indication
Monitors Alarm, Low battery & Troubled Zones
Backlight for visibility in low light conditions
Arm / Disarm all Kwêbeam sensors
Temporarily bypass zones
868Mhz Two-Way wireless communication
Multiple keypads supported on the same system
Panic sounds all beam sirens at the same time
Operates from standard AA alkaline batteries
1 Year battery life