KwêBeams Relay Module



Interface Features

  • Alarm, Tamper and Panic Input
  • Arm / Disarm input
  • 10A Relay Output
  • 8 Open Drain Outputs

About The Interface Unit

The Interface unit features a multipurpose optical input for Alarm, Tamper or Panic monitoring. This input is useful to monitor electric fence energizers, gate motors & alarm systems. The input can also be programmed to have a Panic function. This will sound all beam sirens simultaneously when the input is triggered.

The unit also features a second digital input to Arm & Disarm the Kwêbeam system. A remote receiver or existing alarm system can be connected to this input to Arm & Disarm the Kwêbeam system.

The relay output with programmable delay can activate any connected device (spotlights, sirens, armed response etc.) when a valid alarm signal is received.

The 8 open drain outputs can be used to report Alarm events for 8 individual zones. When the wireless sensor sends an alarm signal, the Relay module processes the signal and activates the wire output corresponding to the zone number of the sensor.

Example applications where the Interface Unit can be used:

  • Connect remote receivers to Arm / Disarm the Kwêbeam system
  • Link to any existing alarm panel
  • Link to armed response radio
  • Monitor any device for Alarm and Tamper signals
  • Connect sirens, lights etc.
Monitor external devices for Alarm and Tamper signals
Connect remote receivers to Arm/Disarm the Kwêbeam system
Can Install an external Siren or LED spot light
Can wire the KwêBeam system to an existing alarm panel