KwêBeams Link Module



Wireless Range Extender Features

  • Alarm and Tamper Inputs
  • Accelerometer sensor for shock & orientation detection
  • Programmable Power Output
  • Wireless range extender

Wireless Link Module

In a perfect environment, distances up to 1 km is possible between devices, without any repeaters (Line Of Sight between devices). The range is highly depended on the environment & will reduce dramatically with walls & structures in close vicinity. For this reason, all system devices (except the Wireless Control Unit) feature Built-In repeater functionality to overcome range issues in highly dense building environments.

The wireless range extender is an optional extra and can be added if range issues exists. It allows for Daisy Chain Repeating between devices and will always be in repeater mode. Ideal for long range applications.
The module includes an accelerometer for orientation & shock detection.

Wireless Range Extender (Repeater)
Can be used as a tilt / shock sensor
The inputs can monitor alarm and tamper switches
Connect third-party wired detectors to the Kwebeams system