4-Beam Anti-Masking Starter Kit



4-Beam Starter Kit Includes

  • x4 KwêBeams Anti-Masking Motion Sensors
  • x1 KwêBeams Mobile Keypad
  • x15 AA Batteries
  • x4 Angle Mounting Bracket
  • x1 Programming Cable

Standard Motion Sensors VS Anti-Masking

Standard Motion Sensors VS Anti-Masking

The Standard sensor is identical to the Anti-Masking sensor except for the additional Anti-Masking feature.

Criminals will use a can, a bag, some masking tape – etc, to cover the sensor while it is disarmed, then when the System becomes Armed, they can easily move in front of it without tripping the sensor.

Anti-Masking prevents that from happening.

The Anti-masking feature is recommended for remote areas where there is human traffic around the sensor while the system is disarmed. The sensor will report a Trouble signal if an attempt is made to cover the lenses.

Why Get the Standard KwêBeams Motion Sensor?

The Standard KwêBeams Motion Sensor features “Tilt Detection” and “Cover Open Detection”. This Motion Sensor is more valuable in a residential environment where you can see the Motion Sensor daily, especially before arming the System.

Why Add the GSM Unit?

The GSM Unit enables you to control the KwêBeams system with our Mobile App from anywhere in the world. You can also connect external lights & additional sirens to your KwêBeams system to switch on as soon as a motion sensor detects motion. You can also connect an external security company to be notified as soon as one of the beams are tripped.

You won’t have better control over your outdoor alarm system, than with the GSM Unit.